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BIOLOGY ACADEMIC MAP (Effective Summer "C" 2014 and after)

This map is a term-by-term sample course schedule. The milestones listed to the right of each term are designed to keep you on course to graduate in four years. The Sample Schedule serves as a general guideline to help you build a full schedule each term. The Liberal Studies and Elective courses must be selected to satisfy all area, literature, lab, Gordon Rule, and multicultural requirements unless your program meets these requirements with major courses. Milestones are courses and special requirements necessary for timely progress to complete a major. Missing milestones will result in one of two types of map registration stops. The first level (Degree Map Offtrack) is placed following grade posting if the student has missed a milestone (course and/or GPA) for the first time in the major. If a student is in non-compliance with milestones for two (2) consecutive semesters (excluding summers), a Major Change Required stop is placed on the student's registration.

Specific academic tracks are available within the biology major including: cell and molecular biology; ecology, evolution, and environmental science; marine biology; physiology and neuroscience; plant sciences; pre-professional health science; and zoology. The biology major works best if you can start in the highest math for which you have completed the prerequisites. If you start the biology major in MAC1105 you should take math and chemistry over the summer to get back on course to graduate in four years. If you begin FSU with earned credit for College Algebra you should take MAC1140 and CHM1045 with lab or BSC2010 with lab during Term 1. Your career plans may require you to take science courses beyond the minimum required for the undergraduate degree in biology.

Mapping Coordinator: Shellie Camp  E-mail:

Sample Schedule
Term 1 Hrs.
ENC1101 or higher English 3
MAC1105 or higher mathematics 3
BSC2010 with lab 4
LS History/Humanities/Social Science 3
Total hours 13
Complete ENC1101
Complete MAC1105
TERM 2 Hrs.
ENC1102 or other second English 3
MAC1140 3
CHM1045 with lab 4
LS History/Humanities/Social Science 3
Total hours 13
Complete ENC1102 or other second English
MAC1114 2
CHM1046 with lab 4
LS History/Humanities/Social Science 3
Total hours 9
TERM 3 Hrs.
BSC2011 with lab 4
MAC2311 4
LS History/Humanities/Social Science 3
CHM2210 3
Total hours 14
Complete CHM1045 w/Lab
Complete BSC2010 w/Lab
Complete MAC1140 or MAC1114
TERM 4 Hrs.
PCB3063 3
STA2171 4
LS History/Humanities/Social Science 3
CHM2211 3
Total hours 13
Complete BSC2011 w/Lab
Complete CHM1046 w/Lab
Complete MAC1140 and MAC1114
TERM 5 Hrs.
PHY2053C 4
BSC3xxx (Eukaryotic Diversity) 3
Upper-division Biology course with lab 5
LS History/Humanities/Social Science 3
Total hours 15
Complete MAC2311
TERM 6 Hrs.
PHY2054C 4
Foreign Language course 4
BSC3402L 2
Upper-division Biology courses 5
Total hours 15
Complete CHM2210 or PHY2053C/2048C
Complete PCB3063, BSC3402L or BSC3xxx
Begin Foreign Language
TERM 7 Hrs.
Foreign Language Course 4
MAP2480 1
Upper-division Biology courses 4
Oral Competency course 3
Elective 3
Total hours 15
Complete a Pre-Graduation Check
Complete 4 of the 5 Biological Science labs required for graduation.
TERM 8 Hrs.
PCB4674 3
Upper-division Biology course with lab 5
Foreign Language course 4
Elective 1
Total hours 13
Apply for Graduation in 1st two weeks

Employment Information
Representative Job Titles Related to this Major: Baccalaureate level- Biological Laboratory Assistant/Technician, Biotechnologist, Biostatistician, Bio-Informatics Specialist, Crime Laboratory Analyst, Environmental Scientist, Medical Technologist, Technical Sales and/or Service Representative, Teacher-middle school and high school (with appropriate education preparation), Scientific Writer, Wildlife Biologist, Zoo Keeper. With further study: Biological Scientist/Researcher, Environmental Attorney, Environmental Scientist, Environmental Resource Manager, Fisheries Biologist/Marine Biologist, Microbiologist, Geneticist, Genetic Counselor, Optometrist, Physician, Physician Assistant, Pharmacist, Veterinarian, Dentist, Professor-community College, 4-year College, university.

Representative Employers: Information available on Academic Program guide

International Opportunities
International study is available for all students and may include opportunities for internships or taking course work towards various minors. International study may have an impact on the MAP; therefore, it is important to consult with the academic advisor for this major before participating in an International Programs opportunity. Interested students should also contact the Office of International Programs.

This Map is not a contract, either expressed or implied, between the University and the student, but represents a flexible program of the current curriculum which may be altered from time to time to carry out the academic objectives of the University. The University specifically reserves the right to change, delete or add to any Map at any time within the student’s period of study at the University.